Your command center – your kitchen table

I think our house might be a lot like yours – almost everything from entertaining to paying the mortgage happens in the kitchen.  I can remember having great talks with my Mom while she made dinner and not talking to my Dad while he paid the bills (he would mumble “why did we have so many kids?” – I was the sixth and last child of the family).

Whenever we would entertain guests and relatives it would only be a matter of time before everyone migrated toward the kitchen table. When I needed to do homework, I would get help from my sister right there at the kitchen table.

Let’s face it, that table was probably the best piece of furniture we had.  It was used every day and it played an important role in pulling the family together.

When the idea of having this blog first surfaced, we wanted to build upon the central idea that the kitchen table was where all the important decisions are made.  Where do you make lunch for the kids?  Where do you play cards with friends? Where do you pay your bills?  Not every time, but more often than not, the answer is “the kitchen table”.

If the kitchen is the command center – I am the Kitchen Commando.