Where did all the Sunday coupons go?

It wasn’t that long ago that you would wake up early Sunday morning, grab a cup of coffee and read the Sunday paper . . . and bang – hundreds of coupons would come tumbling out.

OK, maybe not “hundreds”, but it seemed like there was a coupon for everything you needed to buy that week.

But now everything has changed.

I’ve already heard (read) all the news for the week on my phone; there aren’t any jobs in the paper anymore; and I can’t find any good coupons.

Everything keeps changing and I kind of miss cutting out the coupons and filing them away in my “coupon box” for safe keeping.  Now days, you need to go online and price shop before you head to the store.

How do you really know you are not missing out on any great coupons?  Where can you find coupons for everything you need at the grocery store, auto shop, or shopping malls (do those even exist anymore)?

Challenge Accepted!

We can’t promise we will track down every deal for you, but we are making it our mission to search out and pull together great coupons and deals from across the internet.  We are working with great partners to bring you exceptional deals – and searching for new partners all the time.

We’ll keep you updated on our progress . . . but now, I need to get back to my Sunday paper and work on the crosswords puzzle.