Planning Your Next Get Away

I love to travel – and in fact, I love to plan to travel.  I think that taking the time to plan an upcoming trip can make a huge difference in how enjoyable the vacation can be.  

Whether you are taking a quick weekend getaway just a couple hours from home or traveling across the globe for an international experience – doing some research ahead of time can really get you excited and in the mood for your next “life experience”.

I’ve had the opportunity to travel abroad to both Europe and Asia a couple of times and I’m working on getting all 50 States visited (as part of my bucket list).  Before each trip, I like to spend some time picking out the right boutique hotel to stay at and the coolest restaurants to visit.

When I plan my trips, I use TripAdvisor as a quick reference guide to see what other people think about different restaurants, hotels and vacation spots.  Not everything gets the best ratings, but if you look at why people loved it and why they hated it, you can get a quick feeling about the location.

Whenever a hotel / restaurant has a good overall rating, I like to see what people who didn’t like it had to say.  Many times I will discount their complaints if the issue they are raising doesn’t really bother me (for example: “the elevators in the boutique European hotel were way to small”.  Yep, that’s what happens when you try to put an elevator into a 150 year old building . . . not a lot of room to work with.).

Other traveler’s opinions and feedback can really help you learn more about what to expect.  In fact, I have always thought that a great blog would be “Bathrooms Across Europe” (If you have ever visited the bathrooms on the first floor of the Great Market Hall in Budapest, you will know why).

Happy travels and happy planning!