It wasn’t that long ago that you would wake up early Sunday morning, grab a cup of coffee and read the Sunday paper . . . and bang – hundreds of coupons would come tumbling out.

OK, maybe not “hundreds”, but it seemed like there was a coupon for everything you needed to buy that week.

But now everything has changed.

I’ve already heard (read) all the news for the week on my phone; there aren’t any jobs in the paper anymore; and I can’t find any good coupons.

Everything keeps changing and I kind of miss cutting out the coupons and filing them away in my “coupon box” for safe keeping.  Now days, you . . .


Understanding your current credit status is a very complicated question.

Here are some helpful tips for understanding and improving your credit score.

1) The first step is to understand what impacts your score. A number of items are used to calculate your credit score. Ultimately, they will be reviewing your credit history to understand how much debt you have and how long you have had the various loans and/or credit cards. They will also take into account how often you have applied for new forms of credit and of course, how well you pay off your current balances.

2) It is important that you . . .

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